One thousand bolts!

One thousand bolts!
Published 12 November 2012

On 6 November 2012, the 1000th bolt was replaced on Vasa. We are now taking a year’s pause before continuing with the next 4500 bolts.

If you have visited the Vasa Museum over the last year, you have probably noticed the carpenters who are working on the ship. They are replacing the ca 5500 iron bolts that were inserted in the hull after the ship was raised.

The bolts need to be removed as research has shown that the corroding iron is damaging and accelerating the ship’s degradation. They must be replaced as carefully as possible with stainless steel bolts, and in order to do this, a research and development project has been set up between the Vasa Museum and Sandvik Materials Technology.

For Sandvik Materials Technology, this is a unique opportunity to test the corrosion resistance between two different stainless steel alloys that are used in corrosive environments, such as off-shore platforms in the oil-and-gas industry. The stable temperature and relative humidity inside the Vasa Musuem offers an ideal climate to see what happens to the steel over a number of years.

Three carpenters will, over the next six years, replace the bolts of different lengths in locations all over the ship. On Tuesday 6 November, we replaced the 1000th bolt and are now taking a year’s pause.