Bronze Cannon Mold

Well here it goes, we've started on the real deal which we plan to cast this Friday! Which means a cannon with pretty ornamentation and everything! However, over the last few months the plastic parts I had previously cast had broken. So I had to go back to the old molds and recast all of the plastic details. What I could do with some of the details that were broken was to see if my theory on the mold release of the plastic parts would work. And amazingly, it works easily and crisply for making details on a round surface! During this I was also able to make molds of the dolphins to be attached to the top of the cannon!


After recasting the plastic, we could go back to mold making! And it went very well again, we were able to pull all of the details with incredibly little damage to the mold, just a few of the deeper details in some of the ornamentation broke, but it can all be fixed in the metal. So they're just attached to the mold with double sided tape, its a really simple set up. I had to sand the silver paint off of the model so the tape would stick, but other than that, very straight forward.


Once I set all of the ornamentation we made the mold! Next day, we were able to pull the mold and see the results!



One of the other things we needed to handle this week was re-lining a furnace and a ladle. This is because you can't melt more than one type of metal in a furnace or ladle without risking contamination. The ladle is made of a heat reflective cement called refractory cement. And the process of doing this is pretty straight forward. a fiberglass matting is applied to the inside of the new ladle, this keeps the cement from actually adhering to the ladle's body for easy removal later. Then they put some cement on the bottom of the mold, and place a mold form over that which just takes up the bucket and spout shapes on the inside of the form. Then once it has solidified, it needs to be cured with heat, which mounts to just starting a wonderful pallet fire inside it! As far as the furnace goes, I didn't get to watch that because I didn't know it was happening. However I know that the second furnace is functional and clean!



And now to wait until Friday!


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