It's a Summer day in Stockholm in the year 1628 and the new ship Vasa departs on her maiden voyage. One thousand oak trees, thousands of men and three years hard labour have created this pearl of the mighty Swedish fleet.

...but then something happened, which is the reason you're able to stand here today and experience this magnificent and unique piece of history. A light gust of wind ...and then it all happened so fast.

After 333 years on the sea floor, Vasa was brought to the surface. And now it's the world's most visited maritime museum.
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This guide leads you through Vasa’s story, the theories on why the ship sank, how it was raised, a little Swedish history and much more. The stations are numbered and you can choose in which order you'd like to visit the 15 stations.

You can refer to the free map that's available at the information desk, or you can look for the signs with the word "mp3" in yellow text and an ear symbol as you explore the museum.

If you'd like additional information about anything discussed in this guide, you can read the placards posted throughout the exhibition or purchase more detailed information at the museum shop. You can also find additional information about accessibility, etc. at the information desk. The restrooms are located to the left of the information desk. And once again, welcome to the Vasa Museum!