Help us support Vasa! The warship Vasa was salvaged, but is now sinking. Since the salvage, the ship has been resting in the same support cradle, a support structure that now has to be be replaced or the ship will keep sinking under its own weight.

We gratefully accept all donations, every gift makes a difference!

The donations will go to Vasa's support foundation, Vasa Rediviva. All donations received will be used to give Vasa support: a new external cradle and an internal skeleton, all made of steel. This new structure will help slow down the hull's movements and ensure the long-term preservation of the ship.

Donate and support Vasa

IBAN: SE32 6000 0000 0003 7334 5011

Bank transfer number Handelsbanken: 5942-6528

All major donations to the Vasa Museum undergo a routine check to ensure that the gift complies with the Vasa Museum's ethical guidelines.

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If you have any questions about the possibility of donating from abroad, please contact Katarina Litzén, Head of Fundraising & External Relations.

We are grateful for your support.