Around 1 million visitors every year enjoy the exhibitions in the museum, which describe the warship Vasa's history and life at the time; how, after 333 years at the bottom of Stockholm harbour, the ship was rediscovered and salvaged; and the research which is now underway to preserve Vasa. The Vasa Museum lies in the royal parkland, Djurgården, in Stockholm.

The Vasa Museum is a part of the agency the Swedish National Maritime and Transport Museums (SMTM), together with the National Maritime Museum and Vrak – Museum of Wrecks in Stockholm, the Naval Museum in Karlskrona and the Railway Museum in Gävle.

The mission

The agency's mission is to preserve and develop the maritime and transport history cultural heritage and to increase people's knowledge about it. The government decides which direction our work should take, and we receive our instructions and directives from the Ministry of Culture.

The sister museums