The Vasa Museum collections consist of Vasa and all of the objects that were found with the ship. We regard it as a closed find in which all parts are of equal importance to an understanding of the whole.

The collections include the more than 40 000 objects that were found in and around the ship. Among the objects are equipment and decorative elements from the ship as well as personal belongings of the crew, different types of weapons, tools and coins. There are also the remains of the about 25 people who died in the catastrophe.

The objects and ship give a unique picture of everyday life at sea and on land, and of shipbuilding techniques and nautical warfare in the early 1600s. Documentation, research and analysis of the objects and ship are continuing.

Objects not on display are stored in one of our two museum stores. The temperature and humidity in both the stores and the museum is kept stable for the preservation of the collections. Methods for long-term preservation of the ship and the objects are under constant development.

Over 50 years after the excavation and raising of Vasa we still have much to learn.