Work to document Vasa is a continuing process. The ship and its collection of objects provide a rich source of knowledge.

We are continually documenting objects in the collection. Such work consists of studying, measuring and photographing objects, as well as assessing their condition. The objects' appearance, possible damage and special features are recorded. Sometimes 3-d digital drawings are made using a measuring device called a Faro-Arm. This work is often done in front of the public in the museum.

All the information is gathered in our database, which is accessible to the general public. In the database, you can learn more about the objects, how they were used on board and where on the ship they were found. The database is continually updated as new information is discovered.

Sometimes we focus on a special object group or specific topic in order to learn as much as we can. One research topic is an in-depth study of different types of markings found on objects from Vasa. These markings consist mostly of personal carvings, such as owners' marks, initials and monograms, but also other types of marks which might indicate the manufacturer or the contents.