School groups may visit the museum free of charge, but teachers are required to book tickets in advance.

Visits until 12 June

The booking is done via the online booking system. Please bring the booking reference for your entire group along with you to the museum. It is not necessary to print out a ticket for each pupil.

Visits after 12 June

Email your booking request to: Please include a phone number and e-mail adress to the person that will visit the museum with the class, information on the name of the school, number of pupils and teachers accompanying.

Good to know

The teacher is responsible for keeping their group together throughout the visit. Pupils are not allowed to walk around the museum on their own.

Packed lunches outside the museum

The museum does not offer a picnic room, so packed lunches may not be eaten inside the museum. Outside the museum, there are some lovely grassy areas and benches that are excellent for picnics.


Pupils can stow their backpacks and bags in lockable storage lockers inside the museum, subject to availability. Please note that no luggage, wheeled bags or other types of large bags are allowed inside the museum.

Tip! The temperature inside the museum is 18°C. We recommend that pupils bring along a long-sleeved shirt to put on if they get cold.

Book tickets to the exhibition Brickwrecks – sunken ships in LEGO®

Teachers can book free tickets to the new exhibition Brickwrecks for themselves and their pupils. A total of 40 bookable tickets are available, up to 35 for pupils and 5 for teachers. There may be a smaller number of bookable tickets available if another class has already booked the same entry time.

Please note that the booking you make is for your entry time for the exhibition. You have one hour to enter the exhibition with your group. The estimated time required to visit the exhibition is about one hour.

Please follow the link below to visit the digital booking system for Brickwrecks:

Book your tickets to Brickwrecks here