Below you will find information that is good to know when booking an evening arrangement at the Vasa Museum. Always contact the Vasa Museum's Booking Office if you have questions or want to book entertainment or equipment.

Arrival times and end times

For Events in Ship Hall specific arrival times apply according to the size and type of the event.

For events between September 1-May 31, the Ship Hall is included until 23:00.
For events between June 1-August 31, the Ship Hall is included until 00:00.

Below you can see the earliest arrival times we offer:

1-200 guests

Low season: 18:00 - does not apply on Wednesdays

High season: 19:00

201-400 guests

Low season: 18:30 - does not apply on Wednesdays

High season: 19:30

401-1,200 guests

Low season: 19:00 - does not apply on Wednesdays

High season: 20:00


The Vasa Museum does not offer manned wardrobes as the museum is not built for this. Guests are referred to the wardrobe area upon arrival where guests can use the existing hangers.

Guided tours

In all evening events, guided tours in Swedish or English are included. The tours are 30 minutes long and we calculate max. 35 people per guide.

For groups with more than 400 guests, mingling guides are available that are available for questions.


A simpler audio system for speech with a wireless microphone is available. You can also play background music via CD player or Line In. If you bring in external entertainment, this must first be approved by the Vasa Museum's Booking. Please note that the sound level must not exceed 79 dB.


There is a fixed stage light for a 3*4 meters stage. Extra lighting is rented externally and must be approved by the Vasa Museum's Booking Office.

The Ship may not be illuminated with other light.


Staff parking is available at the Vasa Museum's staff entrance. Please note that you must notify us if you wish to use it. The Vasa Museum cannot guarantee availability. If the parking is occupied, there are parking spaces by Gröna Lund and by Sjöcafeet.

Please note that at special events and high visitor pressure, Djurgården turns off the roads for regular car traffic.

Parking for buses

Bus parking is available in front of the Vasa Museum's main entrance.


Due to Vasa's preservation, there are restrictions on what can be done during and prior to your arrangement. Events requiring extensive equipment or alterations are not suitable for the Ship Hall. All equipment and entertainment on the premises must be approved by the Vasa Museum's Booking Office.

For more information about this, please see our price list:

Set up times

The Vasa Museum approves the set up of a stage and equipment before or after the museum's regular opening hours. Please note that no loose items may be left in the museum if set up takes place in the morning.

Low Season (September 1-May 31)

Between 08:00-10:00 or after 17:00 (does not apply on Wednesdays).

High Season (June 1-Aug 31)

Between 07:00-08:30 or after 18:00.


If you wish to book a stage, this must first be approved by the Vasa Museum's Booking Office. The maximum size of a stage is 3*4 meters.


The Vasa Museum's Ship Hall has a constant temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. Therefore, warmer clothing is recommended. The Vasa Museum has warming ponchos that guests may borrow. Loss or damage will be debited with 450 SEK per poncho.


Some equipment is included in your evening arrangement. More information: