When booking an evening arrangement at the Vasa Museum some equipment is inlcuded in the rental fee. If you have any questions regarding the equipment or wish to order additional equipment please contact the Vasa Museum's Booking Office. 

The following equipment is included in our evening arrangements


Cressets for outdoor use, two red carpets and bollards with rope.

The Ship Hall

Table setting

Chairs, tables, fresh ivy and linen tablecloths from Klässbols Linneväveri, with the crest of the Vasa family embroidered, are included. 


Basic audio system for speeches with wireless microphones & stands are included in the rental fee. It's also possible to play background music with CD or Line In. 


We offer basic stage lights for a stage that is 3*4 meters.

Podium & Lectern

A basic lectern (without lighting) is available at the museum free of charge. There's also a larger, round, stand table available. 


Due to the Ship Hall's constanst temperature om 18 degrees Celsius, we offer warming ponchos that our guests may borrow. Loss or damage will be debited with 450 SEK per poncho.


Inside the museum there is a screen available for digital projections such as logotypes. The mininum size of the image needs to be 1024*768 in jpg, gif or eps. When using PowerPoint, please choose the format 16:9.

The logo needs to be sent to the Vasa Museum's Booking Office at least three days before the event. 


We have a small podium and a smaller stage, 1*2 meters, at your disposal. If you wish to rent a larger stage, the maximum size is 3*4 meters.

Extra equipment to rent

Apart from the above mentioned equipment, there are some extra items you can order, such as:

  • Standing tables for receptions
  • Screens for projections
  • Printed menus

Please contact the Vasa Museum's Booking Office further information.

External equipment

All external equipment and entertainment must be approved by the Vasa Museum's Booking Office.