Vasa was decorated with several hundred sculptures wich were painted in bright colours. Now it´s your turn to decide which colours they should have.

The sculptures were not only decoration, but described how powerful the country and the king were. After several hundred years on the seabed the paint has almost disappeared completely from the sculptures, but thanks to careful detective work, we now have an idea of how the sculptures were decorated. Gold, red, yellow, blue and green are some of the colours used.
But now it´s your turn to decide how the sculptures could be painted.
The drawings are by Ulrika Wolff.

Colour a Sea God

This is the Sea God, Proteus. He can transform himself into different things. Here he is a bird.

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Colour the coat-of-arms

The coat-of-arms shows which country and royal family the ship belonged to.

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Colour a monster

This monster is called a grotesque. They were considered very modern in the 17th century.

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Colour a mermaid

Most of the sculptures are on the outside of the ship, but not all. This sphynx with a mermaid tail was on the door to the great cabin.

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Coluor a warrior

It was the king, Gustav II Adolf, who decided to build Vasa. He saw himself as a great warrior.

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Colour a lion

You can see the lion on Vasa´s gunports. The figurehead is also a lion.

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