The museum's fully stocked shop has something for both long-distance and local visitors.

Here you will find replicas of objects found on board, such as tin plates, glasses and candles made of tar, as well as souvenirs and jewelry. If you want to deepen your knowledge, we have publications in several languages​​.

We also have a wide choice for our younger visitors, with everything from books to stuffed toys and crafts.

Napkin ring recall

Tests have shown that a napkin ring sold in the Vasa museum shop during 2019 contained too much lead. If you bought one of these rings, they can be refunded in the museum shop or recycled as metal. The rings can still be used as intended or kept as a souvenir, but should not be given to children to play with in case they put them in their mouths.

For more information, please contact: 
Gunilla Schwang, shop manager
Phone: +46-8-519 548 82, e-mail gunilla.schwang@smtm.se