Welcome to the Vasa Museum shop, where you can be inspired by decorations and gifts for all ages – with ties to the Vasa ship, of course.

The shop is stocked with products that all revolve around the Vasa ship, the 1600s, and the Swedish king and queen of that time – Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora. Many of the products are unique to the Vasa Museum and are replicas of objects found on board. One such product is a brass candlestick, an identical copy of a 17th century candlestick salvaged from the ship. Another exciting find during salvage work was a blue and white faience dish with a bird on it. A copy of the dish is available in the shop, and the pattern itself can be found on tea cups, coffee mugs, small plates, bowls and napkins.

You are welcome to come into the shop to browse and shop even if you do not have a ticket to the museum.