Welcome to the Museum shop! The shop is stocked with products that all revolve around Vasa, the 1600s, and the Swedish king and queen of that time – Gustav II Adolf and Maria Eleonora.

Many of the products are unique to the Vasa Museum and are replicas of objects found on board. You will find a selection of products below.

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Match case

Case for matches made of nickel. Lions head on the front. 11x7 centimeter.

Price: 395 SEK.

The Vasa Piglet

Join the piglet Lindbom on his adventures on the king’s new ship! Author: Björn Bergenholtz. English version. 

Price: 115 SEK.

Porcelain bowl

Blue and white bowl in an original pattern that was discovered onboard the ship Vasa. Diameter: 15 centimeter. Height: 7 centimeter.

Price: 225 SEK.

Bamse Tableware set

3 piece children's tableware set. Made of toxin free melamin. Suitable for microwave oven and dishwasher safe. 

Price: 195 SEK.

Lion Mascaron

Mascaron in the shape of a lions head. Made of wood on a plate with a hook on the back. 18,5x27,5 cm.

Price: 895 SEK.

Napkin ring

Oval napkin ring in chrome. Stamped with Vasa 1628 on one side. Height: 2,8x5,5 cm. 

Price: 95 SEK.

Candlestick Holder

Made of brass. A replica of a candlestick holder that was found onboard the ship Vasa. 522 gram. Height: 12 cm. 

Price: 895 SEK.


Model of a diver made of polystone. Height: 15,5 cm.

Price: 65 SEK.


Replica of an octagonal green-hued glass found on Vasa. Height: 21,5 cm. 1-piece.

Price 249 SEK.