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Cash free museum. Tickets can be bought at the entrance or online.

Up to 18 years:


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Here's everything you need to know before and during your visit at the Vasa Museum. The museum is open daily 10-17, Wednesdays 10-20. 

Kids & family

Vasa's story on your phone

Join Olof, a young boy who gets to work at the shipyard where Vasa was bulit, in our new audioguide for children.

Link to the Vasa Museum Shop
Museum Shop

Museum shop

Welcome to the Museum shop! The shop is stocked with products that all revolve around Vasa. Many of the products are unique to the Vasa Museum and are replicas of objects found on board. 

En kvinna håller fram Vasamuseets två olika årskort, årskort guld och silver.
Om Vasamuseet

Friends of the Vasa museum

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Link to the audioguide.


15 soundtracks telling the history of Vasa.

Cash free museum

Welcome to the Vasa museum. You can always buy tickets upon arrival. 

Kids & family

Kids and families

The story of the king’s beautiful, yet terrifying ship, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and lay at the bottom of sea for hundreds of years before being recovered and put into the museum, fascinates people of all ages. Explore the world of Vasa together.


Film about Vasa

Vasa's story: How she was built, sunk and was salvaged. Shown daily at the museum.

Link to the Vasa Museum Restaurant

Hungry for fika?

Take a break in the museum's restaurant. Enjoy food made from fine Swedish ingredients and a beautiful sea view. We have a lunch menu for both adults and children. For coffee, we have several pastries to choose from. 

Vasa Up Close

Up Close

Learn more about Vasa’s sculptures and their message, and about how Vasa was intended to be sailed and used in battle. 

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